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Delivery & Shipping Policy

If you elect to receive your goods by freight, courier or other form of physical mail, Ctrl Square reserves the right to choose the distribution company. Ctrl Square will not be held liable for any damages incurred as a result of shipping. Depending on your location and the weight of the goods being shipped, the estimated delivery time is 3-7 business days; however, this cannot be guaranteed, and Ctrl Square will not be held liable for late or overdue receipt of goods.

Shipping prices will be displayed or otherwise declared prior to the final confirmation of purchase.

Ctrl Square offers delivery within the Indian Territory for Rs. 100, and certain areas in at a variable price depending on the location.

Violations & Complaints

As a provider of hosting services, Ctrl Square provides resources with which our customers host thousands of websites. Please note that Ctrl Square is not responsible for the content that customers publish on their websites nor can we monitor each and every webpage that is published.

We encourage you to report any potential violations of the law, our terms and conditions or the rights of others to our Abuse department at We will attempt to respond to, investigate and resolve each complaint we receive from you. Complaints may include reports of trademark infringement, copyright infringement, spam, phishing, fraud or hacking.